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maxicap is a brand with long time experience of crane scale systems.

Since the early 80´s we have delivered our systems to many satisfied customers all over the world.



maxicap Sales AB has about 70 years of experiance of crane scales in the house. The company was founded in 2011 and is owned by maxicap innovaton AB and Höga Kusten Teknikresurs AB.

Together, we have unrivaled knowledge in electronic and mechanical engineering. 




In 2012 we presented our new crane scale HK-LINK for the world. maxicap always strives to be a leader on the market. Therefore, we are working steadily to develop our products. Please look in our news field to see the latest updates for our product range.



We´re sure that we can support you with a weighing system for your crane. Our crane scale fits all cranes and rotators on the market.

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